Ph.D Geography

Member, IGAD Roster of Mediators

Abdelmageed M. Yahya holds Ph.D and associate professor of geography at Open University of Sudan and specialized in natural resources management systems and natural resource-based conflicts in the horn of Africa and Sudan in particular. He was the dean of scientific research (2013-2017). During (2009-213) he was the director of the Sudanese Peace & Development Studies Center (PDSC) at Dilling University, Southern Kordofan/ Nuba Mountains ; Sudan. In addition, he has been elected as the chair of SOS Sahel Sudan's board since 2014. As well, he is a member of the board of directors of Global Mediators Network that was established as Mediterranean Mediators in 2012 in North Cyprus and the deputing chair of PROLINNOVA Sudan platform steering committee. Dr. Yahya has been working as expert and consultant with diverse national and international NGOs, UN agencies and some international institutions including but not limited to IGAD, World Bank, UNDP, IOM, UNWOMEN, UNFPA, European Union, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, USIP, Life and Peace Institute, Applied Research Association on Justice, Peace & Development, USAID, AECOM International, Near East Foundation and SOS Sahel International UK. He also, has been working an associate consultant with Partners in Development Service (PDS) a Sudanese think tack firm since 2010. For more than TWENTY years experience, he has been working in the field of academic related activities, scientific research in general, building capacity of CSOs, project coordination, M&E, consultancy service and, administration. He gained accumulated experience in different disciplines of academic work, consultancies and training with special consideration to mediation, conflict transformation, peace building, conflict resolution skills, conflict sensitivity/ Do No Harm, result-based M&E, projects design and management, resource management systems, environmental management/ issue, rural development, Agro-pastoral production system, human rights, housing, land & property rights/rights in rem, land tenure, women rights, gender issues and social sciences. He has obtained analytical problem solving skills, motivated and capable of doing both, working as a team member or undertaking individual responsibilities to meet specified goals. He has a sense of humor and enjoys working with people of different cultural background.