Title: Ambassador

Date of Birth: 1956

Nationality: Ethiopian

Education: International BA in Management, HES School of Economics (Netherlands)

  • International MBA- Amsterdam University (Netherlands)
  • Training in Mediation, Media Communication

Language: English, Amharic, Tigrigna

Occupation: Diplomat


  • Senior Advisor in the MoFA of FDRE on the Horn; specially on South Sudan, Sudan and Eritrea since 2017;
  • Active member of the Mediation Team for the Conflict in South Sudan since 2017
  • Ambassador Plenipotentiary of FDRE to South Sudan (2012-2016);
  • Director at the HQ of EFFORT Holding Company (2006-20110
  • Editor and Managing Director of a local Broadcast Media DW Radio (2008-2006)

Member of Roster of IGAD Mediation Support Unit