Knowledge management system for preventive dipomacy and mediation

What we do

Since its revitalization in 1996, IGAD has been involved in conflict prevention, resolution and mitigation of emerging and evolving security threats in the region. IGAD plays a vital and central role in mediating conflicts and peacebuilding in the Greater Horn of Africa. Over the years, IGAD played an important role in resolving the conflict in Sudan between the north and the south that resulted in the achievement of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). As the custodian of the Peace Agreement, IGAD rolled out several peacebuilding initiatives to promote peace and stability in the region.

As a Regional Economic Community, IGAD has been disseminating information on agricultural developments, environmental issues, economic and social development, and peace, security and humanitarian affairs. It is observed that the efforts of the region, and those of IGAD are not well document and readily available to the regional research mechanisms. It is also noted that documentation is done in form of annual report which is hardly published for public consumption.

The Mediation Support Unit has conducted ascertainment of lessons learned in the South Sudan Peace Processes. The Unit plans to undertake an assessment of best practices and lessons learned from the Sudan Peace Talks and the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement. MSU as well plans to evaluate the documentation of the Somalia Peace processes and the implementation of the Djibouti Peace Processes.

It is imperative to have all these information documented and digitally stored on an accessible website for research and learning purposes.